The Scort Foundation is a politically and religiously independent non-profit organisation based in Basel, Switzerland.

Founded in 2007, the foundation’s purpose is to promote and organise sport activities that foster education, development, and peacebuilding. The Scort Foundation adheres to the regulations of the Swiss Supervisory Board for Foundations in Bern and functions as an operating foundation.


Legal Address

Scort Foundation
c/o Scobag Privatbank AG
Gartenstrasse 56
4052 Basel, Switzerland


Business Address

Scort Foundation
Dornacherstrasse 279
4053 Basel, Switzerland


Foundation Board

Gigi Oeri (President)
Pierino Lardi (Vice President)
Pierre Jaccoud
Claudio Sulser
Jean-Paul Brigger
Pascal Naef


Foundation Management

Julia Lambrecht (Co-CEO)
Tanya Rütti (Co-CEO)


Rights of use

The rights of use of all content, photos, videos, and other files on the website belong to the Scort Foundation. For reproductions of any elements, the written consent of the Scort Foundation must be obtained.


Disclaimer of liability

Links to external websites on the Scort Foundation platform serve as a reference to topics that could be helpful to users. The Scort Foundation has no control over the content of external links, which is why the Scort Foundation assumes no liability for the content of such external links, including their accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability for specific purposes. Illegal content will be removed immediately upon notification.


Differing legal systems & applicable law

The use of the website of the Scort Foundation may violate provisions of foreign law; in such cases, the Scort Foundation rejects any liability. All legal relationships with the Scort Foundation and related claims are subject to Swiss law (place of jurisdiction is the city of Basel).