Scort’s activities spark positive change in the lives of vulnerable children and young adults through sport.

We develop and implement educational projects that use sport and play-based activities to empower vulnerable young people. Our educations provide new skills and knowledge to help address personal and societal challenges as well as promote peaceful living in their communities.

Our advocacy activities complement these projects and mobilise partners to highlight the important role that sport can play in shaping, and protecting, the lives of vulnerable young people. We specifically advocate for the use of sports in the context of forced displacement as well as to promote child protection through online safety, and to foster the inclusion of people with disabilities.


our project locations

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    Together with our partner clubs of the Football Club Social Alliance we implement projects worldwide:

    • Global Young Coach Education – Empowering young community leaders around the world.
    • European Disability Football – Empowering young people with different needs and abilities in Central Europe.



    We co-operate with various partners to address social challenges through the transformative power of sport:

    • Sport for Refugees Coalition – Advocating the role of sport to improve the lives of people affected by forced displacement.
    • Child Online Protection – Advocating for safe online environments for children in, and through, sport.

    our Key Goals


    Through joint action, we use sport to…

    • …Support people affected by conflict or forced displacement and foster social cohesion.
    • …Promote inclusion and coach education opportunities for persons with disabilities.
    • …Create safe spaces (online and offline) to protect children in, and through, sports.