The main objective of the education is to empower committed young adults (Young Coaches) in their role as proactive community leaders – on and off the pitch.

Through the education the Young Coaches learn how to use football as a tool to positively influence the lives of children and how to become role models in their society.

After the education, they are more than just football coaches for children. They become a person of trust and a mentor.

By offering attractive programmes that combine football and educational games, the Young Coaches work with children on a variety of social issues (e.g. activities promoting social cohesion, inclusion, health & hygiene and child protection).

At the same time, they build a child’s confidence, improve their interpersonal skills and enhance their general well-being.

Quick Facts
  • 688 Young Coaches
  • 35 % Females
  • 1:5 Multiplier Effect
  • 3.507 Peer Young Coaches
  • > 120.000

Programme design and content


Our direct beneficiaries are young people who live in crisis and former conflict regions. Many deliver social activities for underprivileged children in their communities. They might be teachers, NGO staff, sports coaches or social workers.

The programmes are implemented in the countries of the participants. This creates the most authentic and sustainable experience, as the Young Coaches work in their own environment and under similar conditions to their daily activities.

The Young Coach Education comprises 3 hybrid modules since 2022. Two modules are conducted on-site, each lasting for a week, emphasizing practical learning to leverage FCSA instructors’ expertise. This equips Young Coaches with initial tips and tools for effective work with children.

Between on-site modules, Young Coaches apply their education in their communities, independently completing additional topics in a 3-month e-learning course. Live webinars foster mutual learning, sustaining engagement and motivation between on-site sessions.

Scort, in collaboration with the Football Club Social Alliance (FCSA) and local partners, leads the education with a focus on co-operative efforts where all partners are providing their core expertise.

Responsibilities are divided as follows:

SCORT manages project design, coordination, fundraising, reporting, and evaluation.

THE FCSA serves as the implementing partner, contributing instructors from their football clubs for on-site education as well as sharing experiences during webinars

LOCAL PARTNERS select participants, teach relevant topics, and provide local coordination and in-kind support.

GLOBAL PARTNERS offer support through network access, local partnerships, and expertise.

‘together we inspire!’


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    Our Young Coaches are community leaders and role models in post-conflict and crisis regions around the world. They are committed to supporting the children of their communities by teaching important social issues (conflict resolution, inclusion, HIV prevention, etc.) through football. Each of the Young Coaches represents a unique personal story.

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