Agus believes that football can not only unite people but also be used to teach important messages and promote positive values in society. He is currently a physical education teacher at a school for children with disabilities and runs football activities in his local community after school and at the weekends.

My Story

“I am from Probolinggo, East Java Province. I am one of three brothers. We were all fortunate enough to attend university. I studied sports in Malang, a city a few hours South of Probolinggo.

Following my studies, I registered to be a teacher and started working at a school for children with disabilities. It was actually by chance that I started working at that school. I had no prior experience of teaching kids with disabilities. At university the lecturers never told us how to teach disabled students so, I trained myself. A few of the other teachers helped me, but I essentially learned through experience. There are many challenges teaching kids with disabilities, but I feel happy helping the disabled students. I have now been working at this school for almost 10 years. For me, everyone should be able to take part in sport.

I really like teaching children, not only about football, but also other life skills. Aside from my work as a teacher, I also run activities on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday in my own community. I believe that football can unite all people. It is also a tool to deliver good messages and values to other people. All kids like football.

Juwaini [another Young Coach] and I, set up a football school in our community after attending the Young Coach Education four years ago. The kids played before, but it was unorganised and didn’t have a structure. During the [FCSA] education, I learned to think fast and smart when I see children who are getting tired or bored. I also learned to behave well because I realised that I am a role model for the children.

Over the years, our activities have grown. The kids join to have fun and play together with their friends.  Something that makes me proud about conducting these activities is when some of the parents come to me and say there is a positive change in the child’s character.

My ambition for the future is to have more children join my programme and teach even more Peer Coaches. I want to pass on to them the importance of grassroots football. I am motivated to achieve this goal by seeing what I have already achieved.

I also have a dream in the future to make a team for children with disabilities. Most people think that children with disabilities are weak and cannot do anything – but I believe that all kids can play together irrespective of ability.”

Quick Facts
  • Young Coach Education in Indonesia (2014/2015) & Follow-up Education (2019)
  • ASA Foundation
  • Indonesian
  • 50 Peer Young Coaches
  • 300 Benefitting Children