Artem started his football career at the Youth Academy of FC Shakhtar. Recently, he held significant responsibilities as manager for the First Tier of Cyprus. When he returned to Ukraine to prolong his working visa, he found himself in the middle of a war. He now harnesses the social power of football to support the displaced Ukrainian community.

My Story

“I am Artem, a Ukrainian refugee currently living in Moldova with my family. I started my football career at the Youth Academy of FC Shakhtar as Assistant to the Director. After that, many job positions in the professional football field followed, including Academic Director at FC Chornomorets Odesa and Head of Youth Development at the FC Pafos, Cyprus. Recently, I held significant responsibilities in top management positions for the First Tier Cyprus. When I returned to Ukraine to prolong my working visa, I found myself in the middle of a war.

My wife and I decided to move to Chisinau for the safety of our daughter and son. At first, the kids didn’t like the idea of moving. But now, after seven months in Chişinău, they are slowly adapting themselves and make new friends.

I now work for a Japanese NGO providing direct and indirect assistance to Ukrainian refugees and Moldovans living in rural areas. My main motivation is to help displaced Ukrainians, as I understand their needs. Whereas before I worked in professional football, I am now passionate about using football to enhance the personal development of children and helping them overcome challenges in their displacement. I believe in the power of sports, and particularly football, to foster communication and break language barriers. On the field, coaches and players can connect without needing to speak the same language, requiring only time and willingness to participate.

I decided to participate in the Young Coach Education Programme because I like to develop myself and discover new ways to develop other persons. The knowledge we receive how to provide psychosocial support through sports is incredibly useful for me. My goal is to open a grassroots football school for displaced children and children from the military forces in Odesa once I am able to return.”

Quick Facts
  • Young Coach Education in response to the war in Ukraine (2023)
  • UNHCR Moldova
  • Ukrainian
  • 2 Peer Young Coaches
  • 200 Benefitting Children