Five decades of armed conflict, illegal drug trade, and organised crime, have led to an increasing number of families living in impoverished conditions. In these conditions, children are especially vulnerable to being drawn into crime, drugs, and violence. Through her football activities, Adriana gives these children hope, and an opportunity for them to see life beyond conflicts and crime.

My Story

“I was born on the Caribbean coast in the state of Cordoba. Growing up I played football in the streets almost every day. After moving to another town in Colombia, football was the best means to start interacting with the other kids. Football is my life. It has given me everything. It motived me to stay in school, get a good education, and gain a scholarship to attend university.

I got involved in social development through football by volunteering for the foundation Colombianitos. After finishing my studies, I was offered a position at the foundation, and started working as a coach. Now, I work for a government run organisation, which is also working with kids from difficult backgrounds and conflict-affected communities. The children touch my heart, and I want to give my all to make their world a better place. It is important to teach them about values in life. So, during training we always combine football with educational workshops. That makes learning easier and more interesting for the kids. It is all about providing value to the free time they have after school.

The Young Coach Education Programme in Barbosa was another great opportunity and an amazing experience. Following the programme, in recognition of my commitment, Scort invited me to attend the Streetfootballworld Festival in France. I had never left my country before. I met people from Palestine, Brazil, Iraq, Arabia, and Australia. Neither religion, nor colour, nor disability mattered – sport always has a way of connecting people. Sport breaks barriers.
And, none of this would have been possible, if it hadn’t been for football and the passion I feel for it. To me, the path I have followed seems like a dream come true.”

Quick Facts
  • Young Coach Education in Colombia I (2015/2016)
  • Fundación Colombianitos
  • Colombian
  • 8 Peer Young Coaches
  • 130 Benefitting Children