Bruno and Fabian already knew each other before the Tandem Young Coach Education in June, 2022. For the past 9 years, Fabian has been playing in Bruno’s team, “Team United”. Through this education, he makes the leap from player to become a coach. This way he will be able to support Bruno in his trainings and implement his own training sessions at his workplace with the children.

Our Story

Bruno (Tandem Partner): Football-wise I’ve already experienced a lot. However, the best thing I have ever done is set up Team United. And Fabian has been in our team as a player almost since the beginning.

Fabian (Young Coach): Exactly, I’ve been playing in Bruno’s team for nine years now. I always train on Fridays after work. I work in the kitchen of a kindergarten and there, I often play football with the children too and I even do training sessions with them.

Bruno: So, for us, everything fell into place. Fabi has told me about his work in the kindergarten and that he is already doing a bit of coaching there. Then I found out that the Tandem Young Coach Education will take place again and I thought of Fabian right away. With the ulterior motive of starting an inclusive football school for the little ones, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I’m really looking forward to working with Fabi on this football school and we’ll hopefully be ready to start by September.

Fabian: Yes exactly, we’d like to open a football school for 5-8-year-old children where I’ll be able to start coaching too. Another reason for me to take part in this education was that I can form a proper team in my kindergarten and organise games for the children.

Bruno: The Tandem Education makes me proud of Fabian; how he conducts himself, how he behaves on the pitch, how he develops training ideas which he then notes down. I also try to implement his ideas in our trainings and I think it’s brilliant. It is also nice to see how he supports people, when he sees someone who needs help. This week has helped Fabian to further develop in every aspect.

Fabian: What I learnt during this education was how to note down the exercises with symbols and yesterday I even implemented my first real training session. I was very nervous at the beginning but with time the nerves slowly went away and, in the end, I was very happy with how the session turned out. I also think it is great to work with Bruno and now when it’s not possible for him to do a training, I’m able to step in and take over. This way our trainings don’t have to be cancelled.

Bruno: That’s right, that was our goal. I also must say that in the past 25 years, I have experienced a lot when it comes to football, and this week was one of the best things I’ve ever done. From the start to finish, from the journey to the education all the way to the organisation of the daily programme and everything that goes with it, it’s sensational. For me, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Quick Facts
  • Tandem Young Coach Education (2022)
  • DFB-Stiftung Sepp Herberger & DFL Stiftung
  • 62 Benefitting Children