José is originally from Venezuela where he played semi-professional football, studied at university and worked as a coach. In 2018, life changed drastically for him as his older brother, who lived in Quito at that time, was diagnosed with leukaemia and dependent on José as bone marrow donor. When José went to Ecuador to support his brother, football and coaching played a very important role settling at his new home. He started off with giving private football sessions and has now opened his own football school in Quito.

My Story

“I am José, originally from Maracay in Venezuela. I had a busy life over there: going to university, playing semi-professional football and having a side job as a coach.

A few years ago, my older brother, who lived in Quito, was diagnosed with leukemia and needed me as his bone marrow donor. So, in 2018 I went to Ecuador to be there for him and, thanks God, he is cancer free now.

After my brother recovered, I decided to stay in Ecuador. Football and coaching played a very important role settling at my new home. I started to give private football sessions for people, worked as a coach in football schools and eventually opened a football school of my own. It is based in the North of Quito, where we work with kids from 4-13 years old. My biggest motivation is the pride I feel when I see the children develop and progress. So far, I have rather focused on competitive football, but lately I became more and more involved in the social sphere of football.

Being able to participate in the Young Coach Education was a great coincidence because I received a last-minute call and was offered to replace a drop-out. After this programme I want to organize a cultural exchange project with the kids from my football school and the kids from the communities of the other Young Coaches. Interacting with each other would make them realize the different life realities of people here in Ecuador and be more sensitised.

There is also another thing I take away from this programme. Since I could not go back to Venezuela to finish my studies, I don’t have a university degree. However, I am very passionate about education and try to use every chance I get. During the first module of the Young Coach Education, I shared the room with a Young Coach who is working at a university. We agreed to help each other and now, just a few weeks later, he managed to get me a scholarship at his university while I am helping him to coach the university football team.

I wish one day I can return to Venezuela and share everything I have learned with my country and with the rest of the world.”

Quick Facts
  • Young Coach Education in Ecuador (2023/2024)
  • Academia de fútbol JDS
  • Venezuelan
  • 1 Peer Young Coach
  • 45 Benefitting Children